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About Us

Founded in 2009, Floresvale is an eco friendly forestry company that manages eucalyptus forests for sawmills in the Paraíba Valley, between the two biggest Brazilian cities, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Our goal is to develop a center for sustainable timber production, generating jobs and opportunities for local partners, and leveraging the great potential of the region to establish a forestry hub by 2020.

Floresvale manages 5,000 hectares of eucalyptus forests and farms within the towns of Queluz, Silveiras, Monteiro Lobato, São Luiz do Paraitinga and Taubaté and continues to grow every day.

Floresvale currently has around 90 direct employees managing the forests, and employs plenty of other workers from the local area, encouraging the rise of the wood processing industry in the Paraíba Valley.

Floresvale is the leading wood processing company that focuses solely on forestry of solid eucalyptus wood in the Paraíba Valley and the South of Rio de Janeiro, boasting:

hectares of land reforested with eucalyptus

hectares of permanent preservation, native woods, and legal reserve areas

hectares of infrastructure, roads, steel and expropriated areas for transmission lines


Planting and Development

Floresvale uses a planting system that incorporates minimum crop technology. This type of management system restricts the soil preparation to the planting pits, maintaining all organic waste on the ground. This technique of restricted soil planting has a huge positive effect on the nutrient stock; it minimizes impacts on soil conservation by avoiding erosion.

Floresvale strives to improve quality of product as well as the sustainability of the ecosystem by managing its forests for thicker wood with higher growth rates and planting forest seedlings with genetic improvement to create sustainable forests aimed at the production of logs for lumber.

Thinning and Pruning

Thinning is the selective removal of the thinner, malformed, askew, forked or sick trees that aims to encourage the growth of the dominant trees (stronger and bigger).

Floresvale has incorporated mixed thinning into its procedure to ensure the best possible output of product. At first, we adopted the systematic thinning, which removes one whole line out of every 5 planting lines of trees. The remaining 4 lines will go through selective thinning, in which the worst trees are selected to be cut.

The removal of groups of trees must be avoided and a uniform spacing distribution must be maintained between the remaining trees to prevent the formation of clearings and the growth of invasive plants between the trees.

Mixed thinning also prevents the appearance of an excessive amount of side sprouts along the tree trunk, which may impair the wood quality. The pruning helps to control the growth of branches, which allows the obtainment of knotless logs.

Exports of Eucalyptus

The export of eucalyptus logs is one of Floresvale’s main businesses. With 5,000 hectares of managed forests, and trees aged between 8 and 25 years, Floresvale is optimally positioned to be able to export upwards to 7.000 cubic meters per month.

Originally planted with support from companies such as Fibria, Nobrecel, and Suzano, our forests reach volumes ranging from 300 to 400 m³ / hectare, and logs with diameters of 20 to 35 cm.

The current harvest volume is 5,000 to 10,000 m³ / month, with a total capacity of 20,000 m³ / month.

Floresvale is strategically located between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, the region with the largest logistics capacity in the country. Railways, highways and seaports make transporting our logs much easier.

Our forests are located at a maximum distance of 100 km from the Port of Itaguaí (RJ), Which has one of the main container terminals in the country – Sepetiba Tecon – or from the Port of Santos (SP), the largest port in Brazil.

The large volume of logs, excellent quality control and the privileged location of Floresvale favor exports with a with competitive prices, either in containers or in bulk.

Diameters from 20 to 30 cm > 30 cm
Lengths 3,0 m 6,0 m 3,0 m 6,0 m
FOB USD Sepetiba Tecon / Itaguay Port (Rio de Janeiro State)
Wood Cracking Prevention Gang Nail $85,00 $90,00 $110,00 $120,00
Wax Only $82,00 $87,00 $106,00 $116,00
Gang Nail + Wax $87,00 $92,00 $115,00 $125,00

consult for FOB Santos

PRODUCT: Logs – Eucalyptus Grandis with bark (CBM/MT)
DAP: 8 – 40 cm | LENGTH: 2.2 – 5.8 m (+/- 0.1 m free) | MINIMUM ORDER: One container with +/- 30 cbm
ORIGIN: Brazil | INCOTERMS: FOB or CFR or CIF ASWP | SALE: Spot or Contract
DELIVERY SCHEDULE: Weekly shipments from Santos / Itaguaí Port – Brazil
INSURANCE: Insurance provide for a total of 110% on the Buyers costs (if requested by the customer)
SHIPMENT: Container of 20 or 40 feet | PAYMENT METHOD: DLC / SBLC / MT103 / TT

For export inquiries, please contact us:
+55 12 3143-7480 or +1 305 607-8070


Floresvale’s location — the Rio-São Paulo axis — has a population of 35 million people and a GDP of more than 1 trillion Reals. With some of its forests only 20 km away from Presidente Dutra Highway, Floresvale has extremely competitive logistics costs.

The company’s goal is to create a sustainable timber production center in the Paraíba Valley, generating jobs and development to its communities, leveraging the large lumber and furniture market already existing in the greater São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

For this, it has approximately 5,000 hectares of managed forests aged between 8 and 25 years, wood volumes ranging from 300 to 400 m³ / hectare, and logs with diameters of 20 to 35 cm available to sawmills at extremely competitive prices compared to other regions of Brazil.

The current harvest volume is 5,000 to 10,000 m³ / month, with a total capacity of 20,000 m³ / month, with a maximum radius of 60 km from the central midpoint, regardless of weather conditions, due to excellent logistics networks near the forests.

With enormous financial leverage and a large base, Floresvale can ensure continuous provision through long-term wood supply contracts (5 to 10 years) for industries settled around the forests.

Maintaining the qualities of the forests, an investment in long-term partnerships, and a large consumer market — all combined with a low environmental impact – is the valuable proposition Floresvale makes for the industries and businesses in the region.

Contact Us

Rua Coronel Francisco Bicudo de Mello, 76 – Edifício Norberto – Térreo
12400-050, Pindamonhangaba – SP
+1 305 607-8070

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